The Product and the Passion

As I said in my previous post, I was in a very bad way emotionally after I wrote my Keyword Research tool.  After the completion of a project there is always a downer until I find a new interest.  This time it was made worse by my previous difficulty in marketing my earlier products causing me to have a perceived mountain in front of me.  The mountain got bigger the more I thought about it, and the more I thought about it the bigger it got.

I also said in my previous post, that I was back.

I went to a Training Weekend last week organised by Alex Jeffrys, my mentor.  I went with this big downer about the Keyword research tool (Now called 10 minute keywords) and wondering why I was going.

People say about events like this, that they change lives.  I wasn’t a believer, but by the end of the weekend, the fog had lifted for me.  I had discussed my product and shown it to a number of the people there, and their united opinion was that 10 Minute Keywords was a product that was in demand, and I must sell it.  I cannot thank those people enough for the support that changed my whole life.

So, on with the marketing.

They say ‘Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” But I have found that even if you build one that humanly catches mice and teleports them to an uninhabited island, it is not enough.

The world will only beat a path to a door it knows about.  On the internet that means getting traffic to your website, and traffic only comes if people know where you are, and they have an interested in going there.

Please leave a comment below.  I promise I’ll reply to all genuine comments.

Speak to you again next week.

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Lost and Found

A long rest since my last post.

I completely lost my way.  My original idea for a product was related to Camping.  I am a Scout leader of over 30 years experience after all.  It did not come off.  I decided that it was seasonal, and certainly in the northern hemisphere that season was over.

I went back to square one.  I did research, and decided a software product would be best, but what?

More research.  Then I realised the thing that was needed was automated the research.  I tried a number of existing products, and none gave the simplicity of use or understandable results I craved.

So, 10 Minute Keywords was born.  A system given a start keyword would find related keywords, and rank them.  Colour coding simplifies the results making them useful for even the most beginning of novices.

Off I went to write the product and the instruction manual.  That complete I went on the traditional post project completion downer.  This got worse and worse.

I was ready to throw the towel in even before the product had been seen by anyone.

That’s where I’ve been.  I’m back now.

Please leave a comment below.  I promise I’ll reply to all genuine comments.

Speak to you next week.

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New Attitude, New Blog


I’m Trevor Jones, and I’m a software developer.  Sounds a bit like the start of an AA meeting doesn’t it!

I’ve been around writing software since 1972, yes I am that old.  I have written software for the Nuclear Industry, Banks, Insurance Companies, and Health Businesses to name but a few.  All as a wage slave.  I’ve written a number of applications over the last 20 ish years to make me money.  I have 10 active sites on the internet, some of which have been there for 15 years, with affiliate links on them to get income.  I have had five companies over the last 35 years.

How much do you think I have made from the 1.3 Gb of code I have in my Projects directory?  I’ll take answers in millions, thousands, or pennies.  The answer is always the same.  Zero.

I have had deals with various sales people and marketers, all of which have inflated ideas of their worth, which has always been zero to me.

My problem is that I loose confidence in my own work, and baulk at even the idea of promoting my stuff.

It is evident to me that the only way I will be able to make some money is to grasp the nettle, and market myself and my products.

Over the last year or so I have spent time and money with a number of Experts on Internet marketing with little improvement in my results.

At the start of August I invested in a mentor who believes he can get me actively making money from my software.  Alex Jeffreys believes he can make this change, and I have made a commitment, financially and mentally, to his process.

The first stage he has given me is to make a public statement of intent.  So my commitment is to sell one product on the Internet by the end of November.

As a start, I’ve cleared this website to make room for this blog to record my progress.  Watch this space to see my progress!

I’d love to receive your comments on this post, and I will reply to all.

Thanks for your time

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