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I’m Trevor Jones, and I’m a software developer.  Sounds a bit like the start of an AA meeting doesn’t it!

I’ve been around writing software since 1972, yes I am that old.  I have written software for the Nuclear Industry, Banks, Insurance Companies, and Health Businesses to name but a few.  All as a wage slave.  I’ve written a number of applications over the last 20 ish years to make me money.  I have 10 active sites on the internet, some of which have been there for 15 years, with affiliate links on them to get income.  I have had five companies over the last 35 years.

How much do you think I have made from the 1.3 Gb of code I have in my Projects directory?  I’ll take answers in millions, thousands, or pennies.  The answer is always the same.  Zero.

I have had deals with various sales people and marketers, all of which have inflated ideas of their worth, which has always been zero to me.

My problem is that I loose confidence in my own work, and baulk at even the idea of promoting my stuff.

It is evident to me that the only way I will be able to make some money is to grasp the nettle, and market myself and my products.

Over the last year or so I have spent time and money with a number of Experts on Internet marketing with little improvement in my results.

At the start of August I invested in a mentor who believes he can get me actively making money from my software.  Alex Jeffreys believes he can make this change, and I have made a commitment, financially and mentally, to his process.

The first stage he has given me is to make a public statement of intent.  So my commitment is to sell one product on the Internet by the end of November.

As a start, I’ve cleared this website to make room for this blog to record my progress.  Watch this space to see my progress!

I’d love to receive your comments on this post, and I will reply to all.

Thanks for your time

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